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Business Development

Business Development

Business Development builds partnerships to get consumers to discover and enjoy Zinzino products wherever in the world they are. Our team is an exemplar of cross-functional internal coordination deeply engaged with our product, marketing, IT, finance and not least legal departments. Externally, our team is commitment to plan and implement our global expansion to make Zinzino’s quality products available thru out the world as we want to disseminate our philosophy to as many people as we can.

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The many perks of being our colleague

Here's a couple of reasons to why you should choose to work with us!

Health & Wealth

Zinzino offers great benefits which contributes to the good health of our employees. Work out in our own gym at lunch or take part in our health concept. You choose!


Our company culture is truly inclusive and helpful as we value teamwork, knowledge exchange with great commitment to succeed together.


Our events are a big part of the Zinzino culture. We always strive for recoginze great effort and result. During these fun and inspiring events, we celebrate our achievements together as a team.